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About Us



Mark Szczepanczyk is the founding partner of Current Construction Company.  Mark is responsible for daily operations and administration of all work produced by the company and also assists in project management.  He has a passion for construction excellence and providing a high level of service to his clients.  In his spare time, Mark enjoys time with his wonderful family, water sports, and adventuring out onto the pavement racing cars.


Prior to establishing Current Construction Company, Mark started out as a mechanical engineer in Poland over 30 years ago where he designed sophisticated mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems to many building types.  Later, Mark and his family immigrated to the United States of America to pursue the “American Dream” and elevate the quality of life for he and his family.  He quickly established a small electrical company installing cable TV and internet service cable throughout the greater Chicago Metro area.  In a short time, his small company grew to over 20 employees exceeding the goals he dreamed of.  Mark’s drive and passion for working on buildings came back to the fold as he established a small remodeling company serving many sectors in the surrounding suburbs.  It is during this time where Mark met Warren Sundt, who at the time, was a carpenter working for another firm.  Mark and Warren shared a common vision with respect to construction and formed an early friendship.  Seeing his great potential, Mark invited Warren into his small remodeling company which became the genesis of Current Construction Company.


Mark serves as President of Current Construction Company.



Warren Sundt is a co-founding partner of Current Construction Company.  Warren is responsible for project management and administration of all work produced by the company.  He is a tenacious builder always looking to elevate construction to the next level and build authentic high quality buildings and spaces for his diverse group of clientele.   In his spare time, he enjoys being a great dad, coaching hockey, playing bass guitar, fishing, and experiencing the great outdoors with his wonderful family.


Prior to establishing Current Construction Company, Warren started out as a highly skilled Carpenter and worked on many upscale residential and commercial type buildings and spaces throughout the greater Metro Chicagoland area.  Later, Warren founded his own small painting and remodeling company where he discovered his true love and passion for remodeling.  He eventually pursued working as a Project Manager for a small boutique construction company which focused on a diverse array of project types and scales.  He further bolstered his experience by serving as a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for a large-scale excavation company.  Longing for his passion in remodeling, Warren took up a Superintendent position at an award-winning remodeling company working on many challenging residential projects throughout Chicago and the North Shore Suburbs.  Warren’s diverse background in carpentry, project management, problem-solving, and passion for architecture has given him a solid set of skills and knowledge unparalleled in the industry.


Warren serves as Vice President of Current Construction Company and is an active member of the Building & Grounds Committee for Carmel Catholic Highschool (Mundelein, IL).

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