Carmel Catholic High School, Mundelein, IL

We transformed the old wrestling/ fitness areas into a new state of the art Fitness Center. Renovated the engineering and robotic classrooms and painted a large majority of the classrooms

Deerfield Kitchen Renovation

Complete renovation of this kitchen which includes square recessed LED lighting along with above and under cabinet lighting. Transformed a wood burning fireplace into a wood burning oven. Installed new speakers, TV and sound control.

Mazda Dealership, Evanston, IL

This is the second renovation of this dealership that we completed. The building was completed renovated both inside and out.

Riverwoods, IL

This house was originally featured in an article in the Wall Street Journal as being a house that was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright's last apprentice. We renovated the interior, exterior and landscape in the spirit in which the house was originally designed.

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